Doon Fishing

The River Doon District Salmon Fishery Board manages the protection, enhancement and conservation of the Atlantic salmon and sea trout stocks in the River Doon. It also has a duty to ensure the general protection and enhancement of the fishery.

Board Members

  • Alan Macdonald – Chair
  • Peter Kennerley
  • Peter Kennedy
  • Lawrence Dalgleish
  • David Cosh
  • Iain Campbell
  • Carlos Van Heddegem


Stuart Brabbs (Ayrshire Rivers Trust)

Austin Thomson (Clerk)

Aims Of The Board

  • Provide fishery protection.
  • Police the purchase and sale of illegally caught and unseasonable fish.
  • Ensure fish passage over obstructions to migrations.
  • Protect juvenile fish and spawning redds.
  • Reverse the trend in the decline of adult Atlantic salmon by implementing policies that safeguard and enhance the natural spawning stock.
  • Conduct habitat, population and migration assessments to guide management strategies.
  • Encourage good conservation policies to stop over exploitation of salmon.
  • Conserve and establish sustainable fisheries for the River Doon.
  • Extend fishery awareness.