Catch Returns

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Hi and welcome to River Doon Fishery Board Web Page.

As from today we have new admin who will try and keep the page updated regularly. The season for Salmon and Sea Trout has just ended it will soon be time for all parties concerned to get their catch returns in to the Fishery Board. This is very important as all returns go towards river classification and the proposed new category for the Doon has been released by Scottish Govt with the Doon going down from cat 1 to cat 2.

At this time catch returns are one of the main ways of deciding the health of the river that the Govt use to come up with the classification. It is therefore very important that all returns are recorded quickly as they are soon published in the Fishery Management Scotland annual review and help the board to decide on priorities for the forthcoming season. Clubs and syndicates should submit returns to the clerk on request. Anglers should submit their catches to their clubs or syndicate organiser.

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