Doon Fishing

Code Of Practice – River Doon

The River Doon District Salmon Fishery Board has produced this Code to conserve our fish stocks for now and the future.

  1. Mandatory by Law:
    • For the River Doon, the Salmon & Sea Trout Season is from 11 February to 31 October inclusive. The Brown Trout Season is from 15 March to 6 October inclusive.
    • It is a criminal offence to retain a salmon or grilse before 1 April, so they must be returned
    • It is a criminal offence to kill a coloured/gravid salmon.
    • All salmon, grilse or sea trout caught must be recorded in your catch returns.
  2. The Board strongly urges Anglers to adopt a 100% catch-and-release culture throughout the season, to support conservation measures in the wild stock of salmon in our river. Therefore, we are asking Anglers not to kill ANY salmon or grilse.
  3. Gyrodactylus Salaris Declaration Forms must be signed by Anglers before fishing.
  4. The Board recommends:
    • On any spinning lure, only one treble hook should be used.
    • The use of barbless or crushed barbed hooks, so Anglers can return fish without unnecessary damage.
    • Against worm fishing for salmon. However, where worm fishing takes place, please use circle hooks, so Anglers can return fish without unnecessary damage.
    • Against the use of prawn, shrimp, or any organic baits at any time.
    • Try to minimise out of water and handling times. When returning fish, please be gentle and do not lift fish by the tail or gills. Always use both hands under the belly of the fish, facing upstream until sufficiently recovered.
  5. Farmed Salmon / Pink (Pacific) Salmon

If you capture a farmed salmon or pink (pacific) salmon, it should be humanely killed and the Board informed via the contact details noted here.  Scale samples (in the case of pink salmon, the whole salmon) should be taken and sent to Ayrshire Rivers Trust.  The capture should also be reported on the Fisheries Management Scotland (FMS) Website Reporting tool

Useful Links:

  1. Giant Hogwood /Japanese Knotweed / Himalayan Balsam – see Ayrshire Rivers Trust leaflet
  2. Be aware of safety on and around the River. Anglers approach the River at their own risk.

The Board recognises that observance of the Code is voluntary but expects that responsible Anglers will observe it as far as possible.

Please spread the word on this Code of Practice.  Your Board are investing in the future so that we all can continue to enjoy the sport on the River.

Approved by River Doon District Salmon Fishery Board: 3 December 2021