2019 Reported Catch Results

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A nice fish in the net about to be released

The River Doon catch data from 2019 is available and detailed below. It is also incomplete so perhaps there were a few more fish captured than were reported.

Salmon and grilse – 19 salmon killed, 276 released  – Total 295

35 sea trout returned.


While many anglers bemoaned a lack of fish, this river out performed other Ayrshire Rivers and perhaps there were more fish about than anglers believed. Typically a rod catch can be and is often used to estimate the total run. Taking the reported rod catch of 295 at 15% of the overall salmon run in 2019, then the total run can be estimated at around 2000. 15% was the figure that has been traditionally used to estimate runs but as angling effort declines, then it is quite feasible that the run could have been greater. Anyway the moral of the story is that there were fish about in 2019 and those that fished hardest often had the most success.

In the last decade or so, rod effort on the Doon has declined with several good beats on the river no longer fished or very lightly fished. Their contribution to historic catches wasn’t insignificant. What we need is good rod effort despite falling angling participation. Looking forwards to the 2020 season, let’s hope anglers persevere and the fish oblige.

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